Meet Clare

Meet Clare


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Clare has been fascinated by horses since she took her first steps, and her love for these magnificent animals has never waned. She has always been passionate about learning and after enjoying academic work at school, realised she would follow a career in horse-related science. “I feel so privileged to be able to work doing what I love” she explains. “I grew up questioning everything (thank you to my very patient parents) so I loved the rigour of science. Whilst good science throws up more questions than answers, it gives us a backbone to help make decisions about our horsecare that will help, not hinder”. 


Clare and pony Juniper in the Scottish Sea
Clare and Arab/Connemara pony Juniper in the Scottish Sea


"I’m passionate about ensuring horse owners have an unbiased and truthful source of information. I always said if I won the lottery, I’d set up the ‘British Horse Nutrition Foundation’ and my online Equine Nutrition Learning Centre is the first step towards just that". 

Clare’s qualifications

AfN Registered Nutritionist Clare MacLeod MSc RNutr 'Registered with the Association for Nutrition - Protecting the public and promoting high standards in evidence-based science and professional practice of nutrition'

Clare graduated with a first-class BSc honours degree in equine science in 1997, a Masters degree with distinction, in human and equine sports science in 2002, and became a Registered Nutritionist - with the Association for Nutrition's UK Voluntary Register of Nutritionists in 2002.

Clare MSc Grad

She first worked for a leading horse feed company as their nutritionist, then spent several years working for a leading horse feed and supplement company, giving nutrition and dietary advice to horse owners, yard managers, and vets, formulating products, and writing articles. During 2001/02 she independently achieved her Masters degree (MSc) at the University of Essex. Clare’s first book The Truth About Feeding Your Horse was published in February 2007 by J A Allen and has been so popular it is currently sold out, so a new edition is underway. Clare attends nutrition, health and exercise conferences whenever she can and keeps her expertise updated with continuing professional development (CPD).

Clare’s expertise

Clare’s scientific knowledge is backed up with decades of practical experience feeding both her own and countless clients’ horses. Clare has owned and looked after horses all her life, and she currently owns two horses, Tapir a retired gypsy cob and Levanah, an American quarter horse mare; her riding horse.

Clare's horses
Clare's horses Levanah and Tapir

“My horses have taught me so much about nutrition amongst a whole list of other life lessons. About how little things can make a big difference; that nutrition is not a prescriptive science; that even when you’re doing your best with the latest science, things might still not go to plan; and to keep learning, because you never know enough”. “Having my own horses makes me better at my job”. As well as an essential learning tool, her own horses allow Clare to understand fully what owners are going through when they have nutrition or health challenges with their horses.

Clare with feral Konik ponies
Clare with feral Konik ponies at Wicken Fen, Cambs


Clare specialises in feeding horses for exercise and performance. She believes in putting academic theory into practice and has completed the Great North Run half marathon and evented at BE80 level with her home-produced mare. Clare has an avid interest in health and fitness in both horse and rider and exercises both in and out of the saddle.


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