Consultancy Services

Consultancy Services

Clare provides a professional, confidential unbiased advice service and is an experienced, Registered Nutritionist who is fully insured. Browse to find out more about how Clare can help.

CLare with client

Clare is available for bespoke Consultancy to help you ensure optimal health and performance in your horse, or yard of horses. This service includes both general enquiries and clinical cases.  

Yard Managers

For Yard Managers, please contact Clare for a quote.

Horse Owner Consultation Visit 

Clare is available for a limited number of Consultation Visits. For a Horse Owner’s Consultation Visit please contact Clare for a quote. Please note that all visits incur travel expenses from Clare's base in Wellington, Somerset TA21 9FE . The fee is tiered depending on your location.

A Consultation Visit takes about 1.5 hours and includes the following:

  1. We go through your horse's management, current feed and history, along with any clinical issues
  2. Based on you and your horse's individual case, Clare gives advice on what to feed and your horse's management, to suit their nutritional needs
  3. You get answers to all your nutrition questions
  4. You receive a bespoke follow up Nutrition Advice Report for your horse, that gives you a summary plus explanations for your advice, which you can refer back to
  5. You get the opportunity for Follow Up Consult calls (telephone or video) at £50 per hour (or £30 per half hour) - only available to owners who have had a Nutrition Consultation (visit or virtual)

Online, Distance Consultation Package for Horse Owners  

Live too far away from Clare for a visit? Clare is offering a limited number of online, remote bespoke Consultation Packages. The Package is detailed below. Please contact Clare for a quote.

You receive:

  • An initial Consultation by email, phone or video call
  • A bespoke Nutrition Advice Report for your horse or horses
  • Recommendations about feeding forage (grass, hay, haylage)
  • Recommendations for feed and supplement products
  • Specific products that you prefer e.g. certain brands, compounds or straights, regular or organic, with or without certain feeds
  • Advice on feeding management 
  • Answers to any other nutrition and feeding-related questions you have
  • Your Nutrition Advice Report is based on the information you supply in the Horse Information Form along with your discussion with Clare
  • Two follow up sessions to support you and your horse/s going forward (email, phone call or video call), at a time to suit you e.g. one within a day or two, to discuss your Report Advice and ask any questions, and the second in 4 weeks after you've implemented the new diet/feed management (follow up sessions need to be taken within 6 months of the initial Consultation)

For all Consultations (Visits and Online, Distance Package) you need to complete a Horse Information Form, which you can download using the links below:

Word Document
pdf format





The fundamentals of nutrition are the same for any horse, anywhere in the world.

However, different feeds, different forages, different feeding practices, different environmental conditions, different diseases and disorders, and different disciplines exist, all of which are taken into account.

Clare has advised horse owners all over the world including the US, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Taiwan, the Caribbean, Cyprus, throughout Europe and the UK.          

You can pay using PayPal from anywhere in the world ( Contact Clare to discuss your requirements.

Work with a qualified and registered professional nutritionist to help with your clinical cases and offer your clients expert nutrition advice.

Provide your clients with nutrition and fitness information and education with a talk from Clare.

Please contact Clare  for more details.

Specialist workshops, talks and lectures for all levels of students, from horse owners to vets. Clare has given talks, lectures, workshops and nutrition modules to the following groups:

  • Pony club and riding club members
  • Veterinarians
  • Veterinary nurses
  • Masters, undergraduate and further education students
  • Enthusiastic horse owners
  • Barefoot trimming students
  • Feed store staff
  • British team members in a variety of disciplines

Whether you are a course leader, a vet, a club organiser or an enthusiastic horse owner, if you have a group of interested participants, you could host a talk or workshop. Contact Clare for more details.

Professional technical expertise to help you with your business, including new product development, legal compliance, technical reviews, copy writing, and staff training.

Please contact Clare for more details.

Comment, articles or information from a qualified, registered professional nutritionist. Clare has written many articles for the glossy press, and has also featured in the Guardian and Your Horse magazine

For professional comment on radio, television, podcast or in written material, contact Clare.