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1 What is nutrition all about?

When learning about something, it usually pays off to start at the beginning. It's easy to get waylaid with exciting things or things that give you big promises. But understanding the basics is much

2 Nutrition isn't everything, but there's nothing without it

This statement came to me one day whilst I was ruminating over the importance of non-nutrition factors in health. The most obvious one is exercise, and I – along with a number of other experts –

12 Grass and other forages

Pasture is the best place for horses to live because it allows them to express normal behaviour and eat a normal diet.

184 Q&A: My horse needs low calorie - is that digestible energy or sugar and starch %?

Q: "When looking for a low calorie chaff for my overweight pony, is it the digestible energy level that tells what the calorie content is or the sugar and starch %? Thank you" A: It is the digestible

229 Quick Fact: Fat loss needs a calorie deficit

If your horse is too fat, you need to find a way to cut energy (calorie) intake (and/or increase energy output via exercise). Fat loss really is as simple as this. If the horse takes in less energy

359 Fructan content does matter! Don't use just ESC + starch!!

Fructan content of grass, hay and haylage should be considered when assessing suitability of forages for horses and ponies affected by laminitis and metabolic disturbances. It’s been proposed that