About Clare's Company

About Clare's Company

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Clare provides professional, unbiased advice and is passionate about helping you with the nutrition, health and fitness of your horse or pony, whether they are pets, leisure horses or top competition animals. Clare can work with your veterinarian and allied professionals on clinical cases.

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Clare also lectures, gives workshops and delivers modules for educational courses in nutrition, health and fitness, is a freelance writer on the subjects and is available for comment to the media.

She offers consultancy to leading feed and supplements companies, and she maintains an awareness of the products available to horse owners.

Working with Clare means you can be assured of an experienced, Registered Nutritionist who is fully insured and offers you a professional service with complete confidentiality.

AfN RegistrationClare is Registered with the Association for Nutrition. "Protecting the public and promoting high standards in evidence-based science and professional practice of nutrition". 

Clare’s consultancy was originally set up through her enthusiasm and passion for translating technical information into useful practical strategies for horse owners. She now offers an extensive Equine Nutrition Learning Centre as well as bespoke advice. 

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Join Clare’s Equine Nutrition Learning Centre if you want to gain access to an extensive library of horse information and advice, and get access to a private community on Facebook where you will get support, chat, discussion and sharing.

Clare is a horse-feeding, nutrition and health expert with both scientific qualifications and years of practical experience.

I founded my company to help owners do the best for their horses with independent advice, rather than advice biased by product sales.

We have a great choice of feed, supplement and healthcare products for horses, but this wide choice creates confusion and the very foundation of good nutrition and health can be overlooked.

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Clare is passionate about correct nutrition as a foundation for good health, without which peak fitness is not possible. She states  

"Good nutrition isn’t everything, but there’s nothing without it"